San Marcos Alájar, rural hotel in Andalusia

Greetings from la Posada de San Marcos, Alájar, Andalusia

Small sustainable hotel on the south of Spain

San Marcos Alájar, what a place to stay!. Disconnect from everything, just enjoy a simple life in contact with nature, at least for a short period of time. Relax in the laid back atmosphere of la Posada de San Marcos en Alájar. It will not be easy to get used to a rural area with so little population and so friendly.

Rest in a hammock by the pool enjoying the singing of birds. Taste the world famous Iberian Acorn fed Ham with a glass of sherry. Watch the sun setting behind the mountains of Sierra de Aracena. Walk along old Roman footpaths. Discover the birds and fauna of the area. Listen to the breeze on the cork oaks, the creek with its melodious sound - nature is alive here.

Wonderful Walking Holidays in Andalusia

Mountains in Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche are soft, rounded and not very hight - ideal for gentle and relaxed hiking. Alájar - due to its geographical situation - is a perfect place to take as a base in order to choose several routes. That is the reason why we can provide you with all the information you wish in Posada de San Marcos, Alájar as we have our own created photographic walking books, made with gps giving you a reference of time, kilometres and arrows indicating which direction to follow.

The Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche is a not very well-known jewel in the Andalusian region. It has remained isolated from mass tourism keeping its identity and idiosincrasy. You will not find many tourists in your routes though you will enjoy nature with its birds, flowers, donkeys, mules, iberian pigs, horses...

We had a wonderful holiday in Lucy and Angel's hotel. The room was lovely, and Lucy's meals delicious. Lucy and Angel looked after us so well, and gave us so much of their time. Angel was a mine of information. He took us for a... More

Many are the options to choose while you stay with us - visit an Iberian Pig farm- curing place, mountain bike, horse riding, active tourism...

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Family run Hotel with a Face

Lucy and Ángel, English-Spanish couple, are the owners of a small rural house, San Marcos- Alájar on the South of Spain. With only 6 rooms, this lovely environmentally friendly posada offers a very personal and special service to each of our guests. Please, feel at home in our cosy and petite Posada San Marcos, but enjoy the comfort and facilities of a hotel (as for example the pool, gardens or the coffee from a expresso machine).

Stay with us and we will share our knowledge on the area after 15 years living here. Likewise, experience the feeling of a sleep in a completely sustainable building without chemical products.

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