Olive oil tasting

Did you know that there are 80 types of olives in the whole of Spain?

Did you know that Jaen is the largest manmade forest in Europe?

Did you know that Spain is the first producer of Olive Oil in the world?

Did you know that 60% of Spain’s olive oil is produced in Andalucía?

Extra Virgen Olive Oil (EVOO) is produced accros the width of Andalucía and in the province of Huelva alone 5 milion kgs of olive oil is produced. The produce of Huelva is little known but the oils produced here can compete on the same level as those far more reknowned from the provinces of Cordóba and Jaén.

If you have a little time and are interested in getting to know more about olive oil, the varieties of olives and the varied flavours then book a session with Ángel!

PRICES: 1 hour session: 40€ up to 2 people. 15€ for each additional person

Slice and Savour

If you just fancy a few hours discovering all about the Iberian ham join Ángel for a ham carving and tasting session.

He will accompany you to our local ham producer in the village where you will see the hams curing along with all the other charcuterie and have the opportunity to buy a few samples!

Returning to Posada San Marcos Ángel will explain the art of carving, explain the bone structure and even let you have a try at slicing. You will have a generous plate of ham to taste and savour accompanied with 3 types of sherry

Minimum group size: 2

PRICE: 40€ per person.

Should you wish to make a day out of it we will be happy to take you to see the whole process from farm to fork. You will get to see the running of the farm, how the pigs are bred and find out why this ham is so special. The tour includes transfer to the farm, a guided and translated tour and a tapas lunch including Iberian pork, charcuterie and goats cheese accompanied with drinks.

PRICES: 2 people: 125€ per person, 3 people: 99€ per person, 4 people: 90€ per person. Consult prices for larger groups

Cheese Tasting

Free range goats that pasture all day long except for when they are milked, feeding of whatever nature offers them through the seasons – strawberry tree and it’s fruits, cistus, acorns, chestnuts, berries amongst others. The cheese we taste comes from a certified organic farm ensuring that no antibiotics or synthetic products are used in the process. This results in small but rich and aromatic production of milk. The cheeses are produced with raw milk and left to cure naturally, allowing the natural flora to work its magic and give the key notes of flavour to the cheeses. The exterior of the cheese can also be flavoured with a variety of natural products – rosemary, fine herbs, thyme, paprika or ash which as they mature take on these particular flavours. The strongest cheese is one that has been stored in oil. Without refrigeration the only way to preserve cheese was to keep it in oil. The cheeses that hadn’t been consumed before the heat of the summer began where placed in a large pottery urn full of olive oil called “cheese from the year”. The longer the cheese is stored in oil the stronger it gets until the last one is consumed which is called “el queso de la Abuela – Grandmother’s cheese”. October – December  is when most of the milk is used for making cheese, until the goats have their young ones again and are left to pasture on the rich spring foliage.

PRICES: 1 hour session: 40€ upto 2 people. 15€ for each additional person