Organic Farmstay in Andalucia | Eco Holidays in Spain

Spain Eco Holidays and Organic Farmstay in Andalucia

Our Eco holiday walking tour revolves around our environmentally friendly ethos and the Black Iberian pig.

Holiday overview:
Day 1: Arrive to Alajar and stay in La Posada de San Marcos. Enjoy welcoming dinner – authentic spanish cuisine.
Day 2: Start new day with traditional Andalucian breakfast and go out to explore beatiful Sierra de Aracena park.
Day 3: Transfer to Almonaster from where you begin your walk to the Iberian Pig farm.
Day 4: A guided tour at a certified organic Iberian Pig farm.
Day 5: Arrive to Casa Venera – an eco-build small farm.
Day 6: Explore the surroundings of the Natural park.
Day 7: Return to Alájar via the Peña de Arias Montano.


DAY-BY-DAY ITINERARY of Andalucia Organic Farmstay Holiday

    Day 1:

Start your holiday at La Posada de San Marcos, where for 2 nights you will enjoy the tranquil ambience and delicious meals. Introduce yourself to Spanish specialities via our welcoming dinner in Posada – traditional Andalucian recipies collected and kept for decades in Ángel’s family.

    Day 2:

Wake up and tuck into a typical Andalucian breakfast and go out to explore this beatiful, hidden corner of Spain. You have a choice of circular walks of varying lengths and difficulty. Take your time and walk at your own pace as there’s much to see: magnificent oak trees, Andalucian horses and bulls, natural fountains and spendid views of rural countryside.
During the mushroom season you can gather some of local tasty delicatessen: Criadillas (Terfazias sp.) and Gurumelo (Amanita ponderosa) in spring; Boletus aereus and the Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius) in the beginning of autumn. Depending on amount of rains winter can give you a nice basket Gula de Monte (Cantharellus tubaeformis) and Horn of plenty (Craterellus cornucopioides). Bring them back to San Marcos and get them on your plate this evening! But don’t worry, if you’re not a particular mushroom lover you’ll still get delicious homemade evening meal.

    Day 3:

We transfer you to Almonaster, a short drive away, to begin your walk to the village of —-. There you’ll stay for 2 nights at a certified organic Iberian Pig farm. The this farm is considered one of the regions top producer of Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham).
Have a rest after long walking day and treat yourself with a delicious home cooked meal at the farm.

    Day 4:

Say ‘Good morning!’ to picturesque Andalucian landscape and go for a captivating tour round the farm. One of us, me or Ángel, will translate for you so you get a good understanding of how the pigs are reared. The tour finishes with a gastronomic lunch of Iberian cured ham, sausages and home made goats cheese straight from the farm, accompanied by organic wine after which you’ll probably be ready for a siesta!

    Day 5:

This day you arrive to Casa Venera. A unique and magical place located in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena specially conceived for both rural tourism and respect for the environment. A real off-the-bitten-track corner to discover and experience the “spirit” of nature. This small lodge is a complete eco-build from materials used to renovate the original farmhouse to an environmentally responsible and resource efficient project. Home grown organic vegetables will be part of your meals here.

    Day 6:

There is a choice of circular walks around the farm land and villages. Strolling along its paths, which lead you to hidden “magical” corners like the waterfall, the era or the viewpoint, where you can enjoy its different ecosystems as the orchard, the Mediterranean forest, the forest of riverside, or chestnut, observing its wealth botany and wildlife.

    Day 7:

Return to Alájar via the the Peña de Arias Montano – the rocky outcrop that dominates the village. Make a stop at a viewpoint and enjoy the panorama of undulating countryside. Make a small visit to Reina de los Ángeles Hermitage, a sixteenth-century chapel, where the Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (Our lady of los Ángeles Hermitage) statue is placed. On the way out of chapel pass through the Portada almohadillada ancient arc (probably Renaissance period). A little further you’ll find a natural fountain, where you can fill you bottles with crystal clear water coming from the underground source.

Tailor-made for you:

We are aware that many people would like to travel in a small family group or group of friends. Why not combine a few days of walking with some historical interest or gatronomical delights? The province of Huelva offers a wide range of historical sites from the Paleolithic period onward, encompassing Roman, Arabian and Medieval periods, not to mention the Christopher Colombus trail. Boasting the atlantic coastline and the western – most tip of the Sierra Morena, the mountainous belt which forms a natural divide between Spain’s central Meseta and the Guadalquivir valley to the South, Huelva‘s gastronomy is deliciously varied. Atlantic fish and shell fish, the black Iberian pig famous for its air-cured hams and also providing some of the tastiest pork you’ll ever try and a white wine producing area. You could say Huelva has it all!

Prices on request.