¿Are we crazy?

It was early 1998 when in some of those Sunday morning newspapers we saw an article about rural tourism on the South of Spain. What started like a short holiday trip turned into a life time journey…
We are Lucy & Ángel – the owners and the creators and the main driving force of the La Posada de San Marcos in Alájar.

Having both spent years working and travelling round the globe, we’ve always loved staying in places which are individual, with character of their own and off-the-beaten-track. Over the years, these experiences helped to set up our own dream place in Spain – a real ‘home away from home’, but with hotel service and comfort.

Travelling through the inland of Andalucia on that fateful holiday, we fell in love with Alajar and the surrounding Sierra de Aracena mountains, one of the least-visited National Parks in Spain. And when you have a strong wish for something, whole universe helps you to reach it. In our case a casual dialog with the owner of the local bar turned our lives 180 degrees and brought us to where we are now.

The building of San Marcos originally dates back to early 19th Century and was a typical village house, making use of the street level for the living quarters and the lower level at the back for cellars, used for storage and for curing hams and charcuterie. The building had been unoccupied for over 40 years and was considered a ruin locally and, interestingly, according to the villagers it has had various names through its life.
We purchased the property and the land behind it in 2007 – it amused us that we were congratulated on the purchase in the village before we had actually shook hands on the deal!

The project began to take shape although we were faced with a number of challenges when we presented the plans to the department of culture and heritage in Huelva which delayed the process substantially at this stage. However, everything was finally approved and the renovation project commenced in December 2009.
We must have had the wettest winter on record that year, as the rain started mid December and didn’t really stop fully until May 2010. We all fully expected to finish the project a couple of months after the official completion date, but nothing really ever goes to plan and the stress levels certainly got high towards the end!

At last after several years of renovation and construction, plenty of delays and frustrations along the way La Posada de San Marcos opened it’s doors to welcome first guests in 2010.

Do we regret that we ditched the city for the country?
After living here for more than 10 years the answer is obvious, isn’t it? Changing hustling and bustling city life to a rural slow way of living was our conscious decision and we would never agree to swap places with any citizen whichever level of comfort and luxury.
Yes, sometimes it’s a real challenge, but every new day bring us another good reason to keep on going. It’s been really rewarding all these years and continue being so. Wake up every single morning and hear nothing but bird singing, isn’t it a real pleasure?

So here we are now, look forward to welcoming you in our La Posada de San Marcos, and introducing you to this beautiful, hidden corner of Andalucia.