Our Small Business Contribution to Local Economy

Hospitality comes natural to Andalusians and we hope that we inherited it through living here for more than a decade. Also my husband Ángel was born and brought up in Spain, it is his motherland, and I have a genuine commitment to my adopted, but heartily loved country. That is why along with running our own business we put much effort in pushing forward the local community’s development and contribute as much as we can to it’s economy.

We recognise that the environment, the community and the culture within which we operate and our relationship with local organisations, businesses and individuals is vital to the success of our own business. We live and work in an area which has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe and it is very motivating that we are able to contribute to the local economy by bringing business to the village on a regular basis.
Approximately 70% of our turnover is spent in local businesses and we encourage our guests to spend money in the village as well. We promote the local heritage, architecture, culture, traditional crafts and gastronomy by giving detailed information on where to go, where to eat, what to see and what and where to buy throughout the stay.

Wherever possible we purchase supplies such as organic whole meal bread from Uli, honey produced locally by Julián, organic walnuts from our neighbour Ana, the jamón is always from the Iberian pig, raised traditionally free range by neighbours (Román or José Carlos being our favourite!) the Iberian Pork from Juan Carlos who has a small butchers, local organic olive oil, local seasonal produce, goats cheese, ceramics from Rosa or Nicolás, the crafts shop run by Sonía y Pepe, hand made glass jewelry and plates by Irene, shoes produced by Juanjo and Darma, equipment produced locally, thus supporting local income generation.

This also introduces guests to the produce in the area encouraging the subsequent purchase of such produce who spend an average of 10,000 euros in the village (based on an average spend of 50 euros per person in the various establishments). Much of the money earned remains within the village.