We Are Green | Eco Friendly Hotel in Spain

Our mission is to offer a welcoming stay to our guests guaranteeing the highest standards possible to meet their expectations. That is why we’ve created this eco friendly hotel in Spain.

Sala técnica:  Recuperación aguas pluviales/ Maquinaria Energía Geotermia: Calefacción, Refrigeración, Agua Caliente y Piscina.
Aislamiento Corcho Natural en Fachadas y Tejados.
Amenities Sostenibles.
Calefacción y Refrigeración por suelo con Energía Geotérmica.
Colector Pozos Energía Geotermia.
Centro Interpretación medidas Edificio Sostenible.
Aislamientos de Lana de Oveja.
Descalcificación agua edificio por medio de Sal.
Máquina Energía Geotermia.
Iluminación por Led en todo el establecimiento.
Grifos y Duchas Bajo Consumo.
Productos Limpieza con la Flor Ecológica Unión Europea.
Recolección Aguas Pluviales para Cisternas.
Detergente Lavadora y Lavavajillas respetuosos con el Medio Ambiente.
Lavandería secada al sol y aire montaña.
Reciclado y Separación de basuras.

Our aim is to continually improve the hotel so we can meet high quality standards of service in a rural setting as well as protecting the environment.

In order to achieve this, we encourage our guests to respect our environmental policy on various important aspects: our policy regarding water usage and dirty laundry; the no-smoking policy throughout the hotel; the use of the recycling bins provided. We have strived to include our staff and suppliers in this quest so that they also feel motivated and are involved in helping us achieve our goals every step of the way.

Throughout all our activities we take the preservation and protection of natural resources into account as part of our environmentally friendly management policy.

We are in contact with the majority of guides in the area who are all qualified and highly respectful of the area. We have produced our own walking notes and encourage walkers to respect the country code and the environment around them.

We would like to be a part of keeping this unique place for you and your children and need your understanding and support for the environment.

Visual Impact:
Ground source energy has no visual impact.
The original roof tiles have been reused allowing the building to blend in. The stone from the building was reused to create the perimeter walls.
The original beams have been restored and used in the lounge area and dining room. The original front door has been restored and reinstated.

Energy Consumption and Saving:
The ground source energy pump provides hot water, heating and cooling. During the summer the excess heat from the building and hot water is used to warm the water in the pool which in turn helps cool the house. The system reduces our consumption by 75%.
We use LED and low consumption light bulbs throughout the building.
All our equipment is kept clean and maintained regularly to reduce energy consumption.
The building was designed to achieve energy efficiency class A through the use of natural cork and lambs wool as insulation and high quality double glazing.
All our equipment is AAA classified.
The electricity supply is cut off by removing the card key when leaving the room.
Water Resources:
Rain water is collected and stored and is used for the double toilet flush system and garden irrigation.
All the taps and shower heads use the aerator system which reduces the consumption by 60%.
Shallow wash basins prevent over filling.
To reduce water and chemical consumption we change towels and sheets every 3-4 days.
We always ensure that the dishwasher is full before using it.
We reuse water used for cleaning fruit and veg to water the plants.

Waste and recycling:
Organic waste is separated and used for compost.
Used oil is filtered and used to make soap and biodiesel.
Paper/cardboard, glass and plastic/metal/ tetrapaks are recycled using the village services.
Paper is used on both sides and for internal memoranda.
We only print the documents we are obliged to, all our other records are maintained on hard disk.
Bathroom amenities are offered in refillable dispensers, replacing the sachets or disposable plastic bottles that create so much waste.

We use environmentally friendly products accredited with the eco-flower label for cleaning.
The shower gel is accredited with the eco-flower label.
Our laundry service also supports our policy and uses environmentally friendly products in the washing process.
Where ever possible we try to replace disposable plastic products by reusable ones.

How you can help us:
Do not let water run unnecessarily, close the taps while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your hands and ensure that they are closed after use. Let us know if any of the taps in your bathroom are dripping. Do not flush the toilet unnecessarily.
Use the shower rather than the bath, a shower uses 5 times less water than a bath.
Keep your towels for 3-4 days
Switch off lights and fans and leave heating on minimum on leaving the room.
Don’t leave mobile chargers plugged in.
Use the recycling bins provided in the bar. The beer bottles are returnable and should be placed in the crates, not in the bin.
Follow the country code and bring your rubbish back with you after enjoying your day out and about.

Our efforts have been recognised by the following entities:

-“Q” de Calidad Turística
– Marca Parque Natural de Andalucía
– Carta Europea de Turismo Sostenible
– Red Patrimonia
– Calidad Turística Andalucía