The Black Iberian Pig

The Black Iberian pig is one of the mainstays of the culture, economy and gastronomy of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, Andalucia.

The hills around us contain one of the largest expanses of native woodland in Europe, comprising of wooded pasture made up of mediterranean trees and the Black Iberian pig is the farm animal most adapted to this environment. The production of the Black Iberian pig, and made from it iberico ham, is deeply rooted to the local ecosystem, as well as it is ingrained in the local Andalucian culture and traditions.

It is farmed extensively in a free-range system and has traditionally been the main source of food for families in these parts, its products filling the larders for the whole year round. In recent years this has developed into a powerful sector of the food and agricultural business and has become the main economic activity of this region.

Acorn fed pigs in Spain are widely recognized and praised among gourmets and cooks of top-class restaurants. It is a good example of high quality meat product. There is a small “secadero” (special house where ham cures naturally) in the village which you can visit and also buy cured ham and charcuterie. It isn’t open on a daily basis so just let us know and we can arrange visit for you. That could be a nice foodie tour or experience day for two combined with sightseeing and exploring the area.