Starlight Reserve | Star gazing in Alajar

La Sierra Morena – a Starlight Natural Reserve in Andalucia, Spain

Lack of contamination and light pollution La Sierra Morena became the largest Starlight Natural Reserva yet. Stretching from Huelva all the way east to Jaen the mountain range Sierra Morena has night skies to envy, all the villages are getting behind the project and are gradually improving the street lighting so that we don’t have to go too far out of the villages to observe. Alájar has set up a viewing point just 6km south of the village along a tarmaced road where telescopes have power points to be able set up for a stargazing session.

But in fact you don’t have to walk far to treat yourself with a magnificent night view. The photos below were taken from the backyard of our La Posada de San Marcos. Come and gaze night skies with us! Cup of hot tea and warm blanket guaranteed in winter 😉 and in summer help yourself with a glass of fine local sherry from our honesty bar.