To Get To Alajar By Bus

How to get here:

From Sevilla to Alajar
• From Huelva to Alajar
• From Malaga to Alajar
• From Jerez to Alajar
• From Faro to Alajar
• From Gibraltar to Alajar

It really isn’t very complicated to travel by public transport to reach us from Sevilla, in fact we decided to make a video to help you.
It was an early start for me as I left Alájar at 6.45 am to catch the 8am bus to Sevilla. There is a plenty of time once in Aracena to have a cafe y tostada or even churros con chocolate before the bus leaves for Sevilla. I had arranged to meet Carlos, a nephew with a go pro camera at noon to catch the EA (Especial Aeropuerto) bus to Sevilla airport and record the journey from once you arrive in Sevilla.