How to get from Seville to Alajar-Aracena by bus

Below you’ll find information on how to get to Alajar from Seville by car and by public bus.

How to get from Seville to Alajar by bus:

Total journey time – 1 ½ hours

Proceed 3 steps:

  1. Bus/Taxi from the airport to the center of Seville (in case you fly to Seville)
  2. Get to bus station Plaza de Armas
  3. Take a bus from Seville to Alajar (passes Aracena as well)

Taxi from the Seville airport to city centre:
Taxis from airport to city cost around 29 euros (fixed rate to first drop off point). They take around 30 mins to Plaza de Armas bus station, more at rush hour. If your flight is not going to get in before 3:00pm then it is very unlikely you’ll get to the station in time for the last bus to Alájar/Aracena.
If this is the case the two other options are to come by taxi – we can arrange the airport pick up for you at a cost of around 120€ for upto 4 people, or to spend the night in Seville. Again we can recommend and book hotels in Seville if you require.

Bus from Seville airport to Plaza de Armas (in the city centre):
Bus makes the trip from airport to city. You need Linea EA – Airport Special
The Seville urban transport line between Plaza de Armas and the airport. The journey takes about 35 minutes.
One-way ticket: €.4.
Return ticket: €6. Valid on the day of purchase.
Journey with rechargeable pass: €4.
You can buy tickets on board the bus.

Working hours
To Seville: from 5:20 to 1:15.
To the Airport : from 4:30 to 00:30.
The service runs 365 days a year. You can consult all arrivals and departures at the Sevilla City Transports website.
Bellow are links of interest:
PDF Line EA Airport Special timetable
Line EA Airport Special itinerary

How to get from Seville to Aracena:
From Seville city center buses depart twice daily from the Plaza de Armas bus station in the city.
The ticket booth is on the left hand side as you walk in and you need to go to DAMAS
booth (6, 7 and 8). These are modern, air conditioned coaches with plenty baggage space
beneath. They generally depart from platform 27 or 28 but check when you buy the ticket.
Cost: around 9€
In Aracena you need to take bus to Alajar.
Below are the timetables for buses Seville-Aracena-Alajar

Monday to Friday
Seville to Aracena  ⇒ Aracena to Alajar
9:30-10:45  – 13:00-13:30
16:00-17:20 17:30-18:00
Seville to Aracena  ⇒ Aracena to Alajar
9:00-10:20 12:00-12:30*
16:00-17:20 17:30-18:00*
Sun & Bank Holiday
Seville to Aracena  ⇒ Aracena to Fuenteheridos
9:00-10:20 10:30-10:40
16:00-17:20 17:20-17:40

*On Saturdays the bus does not come into the village but stops at the entrance. There are 2
stops for Alájar and you need to get off at the second stop. See directions to either Posada

The 9am bus from Sevilla does not continue through to Alájar. You can choose to get off at
Aracena and if we are available we will pick you up or book a taxi for you (20€) or continue on the same bus to Fuenteheridos (10 mins stop in Aracena) just 2 villages further along where we can either pick you up if we are available or we can book a taxi for you (12€). Or wait in Aracena for the 13h bus which arrives in Alájar at 13.30h. The 4pm bus comes through from Aracena to Alajar, but it stops at Aracena bus station until departure time to Sevilla/ Alajar. (10 mins). You can get off and grab a coffee, most people do including the driver!