How to get From Malaga to Alajar-Aracena by car

How to get From Malaga to Alajar-Aracena by car:

Total journey time – 4 hrs.

• Depart the airport initially heading towards Malaga city but then taking the motorway north towards Antequera (N331) and then joining A92 on to Seville. Entering Sevilla, going past quite a few industrial estates, you will see signs for the Ring Road SE 30.
• Following signs towards A66 Merida take the second exit for the SE 30 ring road. You half to drive about halfway round the SE 30 following signs A66 Merida.
• Once you have crossed a large bridge, several destinations are indicated. Follow the blue motorway signs to Merida/ Portugal A66/E803 taking the first exit right at the end of the bridge where you join the A66/E803 Merida motorway (autovía).

To Aracena ⇓
• Follow the motorway A66 northwards towards Merida for some 35kms until you see signs for “Aracena” and “Portugal” (the A66 will convert back into the N630 about 2 km before the turn off to Portugal and Aracena.) Here you branch off on the N433 heading NW. This road is marked off with kilometre posts all the way to the Portuguese border. At km 86 the road bypasses Aracena. As you reach the first roundabout go straight on (ignore signs to Alájar to the left) following signs to Portugal and Los Marines. You skirt around Aracena and go straight on at the next roundabout.

To Alajar ⇓
• Just after km 96, approx 8 km, turn left at the sign to Fuenteheridos and Peña de Arias Montano. Continue along here, go past a fork to the right after 600m and, after a further 400m, you’ll come to a roundabout, turn left following signs to Alájar, Peña Arias Montano. Continue along – there is a great view at the mirador at the top of the hill – and continue down the other side. At the T junction turn RIGHT (ignore the sign to Alájar to your left as this takes you right through the village), 1km further turn left sign posted Alájar. As you enter the village La Posada is on the left hand side before you get to the square. If you can’t park in the square then turn around and come back out to park further up the road you will have just come along.

To La Posada de Alajar ⇓
Continue past La Posada de Alájar into the square passing the restaurant “El Corcho” on your right. Turn right after the restaurant towards the church tower and turn left just before the tower, passing the church on your right. Continue straight on keeping right and bear right down Antonio Milla street. Take the next right into Parroco Manuel Moya and San Marcos is at the end of this street. Turn left at the end where parking on the left hand side should be available.