Learning Spanish in Andalucia, Spain

We were very excited to receive an email from Paula at the beginning of the year to enquire about the possibilities of learning Spanish in Spain. At last somebody was taking Ángel up on bringing a group to practise their spanish with him at la Posada de San Marcos!

Our Spanish Ladies!
Paula had been with us a couple of years ago on our Iberian Ham School holiday and as she also has a property in Spain has been studying Spanish for various years. Ever since leaving our B+B in Alájar she had planned to return with a group of friends. It is always great to be kept on somebody’s bucket list and we were more than happy to provide a learning Spanish in Spain experience for them.
What did we do? With 5 nights B+B there was plenty of time to fit a variety of activities in. Ángel met the group of 4 at the airport in Sevilla and brought them to Posada San Marcos, Alájar, where I had dinnner prepared for them. 2 hours of classes every day was followed by a different daily activity with Ángel. A guided walk around Aracena including a tapas lunch. Ashort walk around the hamlets of Alájar. A visit to Finca Montefrio with Armando and Lola, the organic pig farm where the pigs are positively cosseted!
The four of them opted to have dinner every night with us too.
Read what Paula says about her experience
Ángel was in his element – was it the teaching, was it the ladies or was it being the centre of attention for 5 days?
I know I am biased but he really is an excellent teacher with an amazing skill of imparting his knowledge. He explains lots of tricks of how to remember and conquer those difficult bits in Spanish.
Do you fancy learning Spanish in Spain too? How about bringing a small group of like minded friends to Alájar to develop your Spanish Language skills? Let us know what you would like to do and we are more than happy to send you a quote.