Andalusian Breakfast

Andalusian Breakfast
We are, Lucy & Ángel, a British-Spanish couple and that affects everything in our hotel, even breakfast. Here you get typical Andalucian breakfast with traditional English tea in pots!
Those of you who travelled a lot might be aware of ‘hotel’s included breakfast’ option – often a rather meagre affair. But not in our house! 😉
traditional andalucian breakfast bread tomatoes olive oil
We take our breakfast seriously as it is the base for walking day and MUST be substantial. We also want to introduce our guests to Spanish, and more specifically to Andalucian, culture and there is no better way to do this than to start your day with a traditional meal.
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In our Andalucian breakfast the simplicity is of the essence along with good quality ingredients.
I has really cracked my mother in law’s recipe for the liver paste we serve – a traditional spanish recipe handed down through the generations from the province of Badajoz, where Angel’s family originate. The Iberian pork liver pate, another typical Spanish recipe from Victoria, Angel’s mother, is another hit.
typical andalucian breakfast
Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is Angel’s speciality. We have a wide selection of oils for you to try, from Andalucia and Extremadura, including 2 from our natural park. Some places actually charge for olive oil tasting sessions, while with us, should you wish, you will get a mound of information from Angel during your breakfast about the tastes, aroma and shades as he guides you through the variety of oils we offer. If you get as passionate as Angel then there’s plenty more oils in the back for you to try!

For the sweeter tooth we always have a homemade jam on the go, usually strawberry as I can’t make enough of it, but we always try to make apricot if we don’t miss the short season and quince which is bountiful in Alájar late autumn. And visiting us in winter gives your a chance to try citrus jam, either from oranges or from lemons.
You have a chance to try natural locally grown honey, which we get from a friend – Julián – who produces his own from a few hives in a mainly cork and holm oak area. The best thing about his honey is that he doesn’t remove the pollen, making it even better for you.
Our walnuts are from Ana who has a number of organic trees in El Calabacino which is where our wholemeal bread comes from, produced in an old Arabian wood fired oven by Uli.
traditional andalucian breakfast
We serve two types of bread: white bread is the typical village bread also produced in a wood fired oven.
Fresh seasonal fruit are also available for you to help yourself to. It’s obvious that you can get fresh fruits in summer, but in Spain even in winter you can treat yourself with a juicy slice. For example, in January and February we enjoy fresh oranges and mandarins, as well as avocado. Fall Season gives us persimmons and custard apples. And you can try some exotic too! How about strawberry tree fruits? Come and grab some right from the tree in our garden!

Our evening meals (optional) are traditional Spanish dinner consisted of three course set menu.