Your hosts Lucy and Ángel are passionate about the area and its food, wine and olive oils. During your stay you will develop a deep insight into the fascinating history of the area as Ángel and Lucy guide you all the way from a gourmet Andalusian breakfast to producing your own dinner with the products you have been discovering.
This is the region for the prized Iberian Ham – not to be confused with Serrano Ham, the Iberian Pig a small black animal native to the Iberian peninsula which thrives here due to the dehesa, a beautiful farmed woodland filled with mediterranean evergreen oak and an ancient model of sustainable farming developed through the centuries to provide it’s favourite food – the acorn. The highly prized ham is air-cured for up to 5 years before it is ready for carving and it’s truly wonderful, unique flavour places it high in the gourmet stakes.